Reporting Process & Informant Protection

Ethics Hotline claims include : accepting bribes from business partners, lack of clarity when selecting business partners, holding unauthorized or unreported stock in a business partner, using company assets inappropriately or illegally, distortion of data and false reporting.

Please provide accurate detailed information for quick processing, claims ruled to be slander or personal attacks will not be processed.

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It may take from 7 to 10 days for the Ethics Bureau to start an investigation on a claim and send you a reply. LG takes all precautions to ensure that investigations are conducted privately from a third party perspective.

When making a ethics hotline report you have the option to register an ID and Password which will allow you to confirm the contents and follow the progress of your claim.

LG will treat your report with the highest level of confidentiality. The informant's personal information and report contents are under the strict control of the Ethics Bureau, the Ethics Hotline system is protected by a secure encryption program. Those working in the Ethics Bureau and handling claims are under oath to keep information regarding reports, including personal information regarding informants confidential.

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